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Posted by Jennifer McKnight on

We are so excited to announce that we're having a design contest for limited-edition, locally-printed tote bags to be sold exclusively on our website!  Here are the guidelines:

ANYONE CAN ENTER!  We are especially interested in encouraging local designers and artists, but we want to see what you come up with!  All entries get our equal attention!

NO LIMIT ON HOW MANY DESIGNS YOU SUBMIT!  Are you just so talented and prolific you can't narrow it down?  Please, send us all of them!

NON-CLOTHING-THEMED DESIGNS EQUALLY WELCOME!  Your entry does not--I repeat, does NOT-- have to be about clothing, accessories, buy/sell/trade, anything like that.  It can be anything you think up, anything from simple drawings to more elaborate designs.  It can be about Lawrence or KC.  Anything, really.  Just get it down and send it to us!

DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS:  Entries must be submitted to atcbuyselltrade@gmail.com in .ai, .psd, .pdf or .jpg that is 300 dpi or higher.  Bear in mind that designs will be printed in one color on the bag, with the design alone on one side and store logo on the other.

PRIZES!  PRIZES!  PRIZES!  ATC staff will select three winning designs to be printed in limited numbers on arizonatradingco.com.  Winners will receive $200 for each design plus a free tote bag! 

DEADLINE.  THERE IS ONE.  Qualifying entries must be received by midnight 7/04/17.  That's July 4, y'all, less than a month away!  Now get to it and show us what you can do!

Any other questions?  Please e-mail them to us at atcbuyselltrade@gmail.com.  We will be happy to help! 

Thanks for your interest, and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Love, ATC




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