All About Arizona Trading Co.!

We opened in December of 1991 in Lawrence, Kansas, and pioneered the concept of buying, selling and trading clothing in the Midwest.  The Kansas City, Missouri store opened in May of 1998.  Both stores have earned a reputation for being the go-to for stylish, affordable clothing and friendly service.

We focus on current styles in both men's and women's clothing and accessories.  What makes our stores unique in the world of used clothing is that we also take lots of chances on pieces that we think our customers will appreciate.  This can mean exceptional vintage pieces, formal and couture items, and collectibles.  Our buyers are extensively trained to have an eye not just toward fashion trends, but what makes a piece special and desirable. 

While we reserve the bulk of our inventory for our customers in-store, we put pieces on our website that might otherwise get overlooked or damaged.  These pieces have been hand-picked and curated especially for your enjoyment!