Thanks for your interest in selling your clothing to ATC!  We are happy to look through your items anytime we are open--no appointment necessary! 

Both stores give you the option of selling in-store, or dropping your clothing off and picking them up at your convenience.  We issue cash in store with a valid state-issued ID; if you'd like trade, we send you a code through e-mail that is usable in either store and on our website, and is valid for six months!

When you sell in-store, feel free to shop while we buy from you.  We are very efficient and look through things quickly--then you can get your cash or use your trade immediately!

If you prefer to drop off your clothing, please print a clothing intake form (available here).  We also have forms at the store if you are unable to print one.

We buy:

  • Women's/men's/gender neutral clothing
  • Current and vintage styles
  • Basics:  t-shirts, flannels, shorts, tank tops, denim, casual wear
  • Items in excellent condition (holes in denim:  sometimes ok!)
  • Seasonally:  fall/winter August-January; spring/summer February-July
  • Accessories:  shoes, boots, hats, scarves, belts
  • Jewelry!
  • The occasional oddball item:  exceptional knickknacks or housewares 

 We don't buy:

  • Baby/children's items
  • Most formalwear/wedding wear
  • Items that smell like mothballs, cigarette smoke, mildew, or with any unpleasant smell
  • Stained, dirty, torn or damaged clothing
  • Items with excessive pet hair on them
  • Items that were worn into the store
  • Items that were donated to the seller 
  • Multiples of items with price/security tags attached
Please contact us if you have any specific questions about what to bring in.  While we are unable to quote prices over the phone for items, we can give you general guidance as to what we will most likely buy.  We encourage you to bring in any items you are unsure about.  We are always happy to take a look!


STORE HOURS (both stores!)
11 am - 6 pm, Tuesday- Thursday
11-7 Friday
10-7 Saturday
11-5 Sunday 

 Please retrieve your leftover clothing within 48 hours of receiving compensation for your items.  All items become property of ATC after 48 hours.  Thank you so much for selling your clothing to us!