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Posted by Jennifer McKnight on

Hi everyone!  We are so excited that fall transition is under way.  We've spent the last week getting into the mindset of looking at sweaters and coats, how to price them, and generally getting excited for a changeover.

A season transition at Arizona Trading Co. is exactly that:  a transition!  The weather doesn't change overnight, so neither do we.  We look at and buy both summer and fall fashions during transition, because the summer items are still wearable, and the fall styles soon will be! 

As a selling customer, what should you bring?  Our advice is to bring it all.  So far today, we have bought tank tops and shorts, but I also bought a coat and several sweaters!  So if you're moving, packing, or just purging, please feel free to bring whatever you are interested in selling.  Our buyers will happily look through all of it.

While the style and season of an item is important, I would say that this time of year, we mostly look at condition.  Since we're buying multiple seasons, we tend to only have room for things in excellent condition.  That especially goes for accessories! 

Don't forget that we are ALWAYS buying.  It's never a bad time to bring things in!  There is always a buyer in both locations, so please feel free to come whenever is convenient for you.  Also, it is fine to drop your items off and come get your cash/trade and leftover items later!  We are more than happy to accommodate a busy schedule!

If you have questions, we're here to help--call the Lawrence store at 785-749-2377, or the KC store at 816-960-0200.  See you soon! 




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