what you need to know about SPRING TRANSITION!

Posted by Jennifer McKnight on

We are at the very beginning of spring buying right now, and we're already seeing some wonderful items in both stores!  We know it can be confusing to know what to bring to sell, so here's some helpful hints!  I hope they're helpful, that is.  If not, please always feel free to call the store you're interested in selling to for more specific information!

Generally, this time of year we look for lighter-weight items that can be worn in the time before it officially gets warm outside.  Think layering pieces such as t-shirts, flannel shirts, denim jackets, long-sleeve or 3/4 sleeve dresses, and athleisure wear.  We also look for pieces that can take you right into summer, such as shorts, cutoffs, tank tops, strappy summer dresses, and summery jumpsuits and rompers. 

We buy all kinds of accessories too!  Think sun hats and straw fedoras, sandals and espadrilles, big canvas tote bags and casual purses, and basic belts.  We also buy a lot of jewelry! 

Things we don't generally buy:  anything stained or damaged, kids' clothing, bedclothes, home goods or knickknacks, or overly worn clothing.  Jeans with holes are sometimes OK!

While we don't limit our buying to specific brands only, we do look for better-known brands and designers.  We buy vintage often, but try to focus on current styles and trends as well as classics.

As you can see, we buy a wide variety of items, fabrics, sizes, and styles.  We love doing it this way, as it makes our inventory as unique and varied as our customers!  If you're ever unsure about certain items, my advice is always to just bring it in for one of our buyers to look at--we enjoy seeing what people bring in, and it's a very quick process!

In the meantime until we see the sunshine, stay warm and clean out those closets!  See you soon! 




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